Dealing With Probate Or An Estate

by Doug Jones on January 29, 2016

Over the years, I’ve helped many families and friends with the sale of homes that are part of an estate, or probate. The client is typically the executor or personal representative of the estate. Realtors that specialize in probate can facilitate for an estate administrator, executor/executrix, going through probate proceedings. Working with an experienced Realtor in estates sales is different than selling your typical home. Here are some of the differences:

1.) Offer consultation on home repairs and upgrades. You want to ensure the home sells for the most amount of money in the shortest amount of time, with the highest return on investment.

2.) In the case of a home going through probate proceedings, Realtors that specialize in probate, typically have contractors in place that don’t get paid until the home closes. This is very convenient to the executor/admin of the estate. I work with a list of contractors to help with any cleanup, securing the property, upgrades or repairs.

3.) Property going through probate proceedings follow different set of rules under state laws. If you inherit a property through probate proceedings, we will need to make sure you have the correct documentation.

4.) Help the family assess whether they should sell the home quickly via wholesale markets; or follow the steps mentioned above and sell it for retail.

These are some of the most important services an agent can offer a client, going through probate. An experienced “Probate Realtor” will help prepare a client for the unexpected and ensure the client obtains the desired results.

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