Foreclosure Houses for Move up Buyers in Denver CO

by Doug Jones on August 24, 2010

If you area like most people, you probably think that foreclosures are only something that happens in “those” neighborhoods.  Maybe that’s the way it used to be, but things have changed in the Denver CO area

What we are seeing all across the Denver metro area, and in Colorado, too, is that foreclosures are hitting even the most upscale neighborhoods.  If you have been thinking of buying a home in the Denver CO area, there are incredible opportunities in all price ranges. 

Check out these deals;   How about a home with over 5000 square foot including a finished basement that originally was selling for $825,000, now just $675,000.  Or better yet, a 6600 square foot home that sold for $1,550,000 just a few years ago is now available for $954,000.   Too rich for your wallet?  Ok, how about a 2300 square foot home that was selling for $389,000 but now after foreclosure is listed for only $260,000.   In all parts of Denver, CO and suburbs like Littleton, Parker and Castle Rock Colorado, these incredible deals are out there.

Will they keep going?  Who knows for sure.  I can tell you that last year was the last year to steal a home in the starter price range.  Buyers and investors have pushed up the prices for those home.  My guess is the same will happen in the move up price range.  Right now is the time for these incredible deals.  Call or email me for more info on homes or foreclosure homes in the Denver, CO area

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